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【2022 红点奖】The Reference Line Bathroom Faucet Collection

贡献者: 仙草奶冻 来源:puxiang 时间:2个月前 热度:

The Reference Line Bathroom Faucet Collection was created with a fresh approach and eco-friendly elements to solve problems in modern bathrooms. The collection includes three styles: a single-lever faucet, a widespread faucet, and a centre-set faucet.

Informed by user-centred design research, users will enjoy the smooth lines and ease of use, as well as a hint of the ‘American Standard Red’. Each faucet is designed using signature principles: ‘pillow’ — soft rounded corners and accelerating curvatures that highlight the product’s human design; ‘taper’ — communicates stability, reliability, and trust; and ‘frame’ — insight-ba-sed feature innovation that highlights what makes the products easier to use.

Each faucet style has its own distinct features, such as dual spray, eco-mode, swivel options and pull- out spray features that make cleaning the lavatory easier. Other notable features include tapered monolithic bodies, a sleek arched spout that swivels and customisable handles.

Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Bathroom and Hygiene




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