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Redesign of St. Petersburg Puppet Museum

贡献者: 视觉传达设计(中德合作办学双学位) 来源:北京师范大学珠海分校 时间:8个月前 热度:

Redesign of St.Petersburg Puppet Museum


With the development of society and the advancement of science and technology, the impact of large machine industry production has made some traditional crafts in our sight, which is the inertia of historical development. Many old crafts we are familiar with are quietly going away, even disappearing, very fast, they have to be gradually eliminated from our lives and become a memory. Protect, record, promote or retain? More often than not, we can only see that a culture and life are slowly disappearing, which is the price we will eventually pay to meet the technological civilization. There are already a lot of traditional crafts, only dozens or even a few descendants, such as: handmade rice paper, Foshan wood carving, etc. have slowly disappeared. Worldwide, more and more traditional handicrafts withdraw from world culture. Of course, there are also some processes that bring different feelings to people through continuous innovation and a brand new visual experience. I have seen traditional puppet shows in my grandma's house since I was a child, but I have never seen such traditional handicrafts in open spaces at that time. There are few places in China to collect such crafts. Until I saw it on TV, some foreign street artists could see his ventral puppets everywhere. During a year of study and study in Germany, I was lucky to visit a puppet museum. Its size is so small that it is not found even in a small alley. But the types of puppets and the historical development of puppets attracted me. So I know that there are many puppet museums abroad. One of the most famous puppet museums in Russia is the St. Petersburg Puppet Museum in Russia. The museum has more than 2,000 puppets and protects the puppets' craftsmanship to the greatest extent. However, due to its long history, its logos and posters are too old. With a heart of love, I want to let more people know about the craftsmanship of puppets. I hope more people will go to the St. Petersburg Puppet Museum to watch it. I hope more people understand the puppet culture and pass it on from generation to generation.

Analysis of social survey reports

Before redesigning the St. Petersburg Puppet Museum, I created a questionnaire. After a few days of investigation, I collected answers from 101 people. This is very important for my design.

Basic Design

Based on the questionnaire I made earlier, I can thus determine a series of design plans for the redesign of the Puppet Museum. The survey results show that I will focus on the design of logo design, font design, poster design, and the effects of some products in the series of puppet museums. My inspiration came from movies and animations about puppets, as well as some pictures of puppet museums on the Internet, and I redesigned the St. Petersburg Puppet Museum.


LOGO Design


Typeface Design

木偶字体_画板 1.jpg

Poster Design

Illustration Design

VI Design

Poster cards


Playing cards




Iphone case

Name cards&Business cards


Paper cup



After I learned about the puppet craft, I even thought that this technique could not be drowned in the ocean of the times. Numerous days and nights have been spent in the development of puppetry in China. Puppe5t art, as an art form with a long history in China, is not only passed down from generation to generation, but more importantly, it needs to be developed more. I hope that my design will change the first impression of puppets on people. Let more people know that the puppets are cute, interesting and deeper that people have not noticed that this art craft will disappear in our lives. This redesign of the Puppet Museum brought me not only to achieve the graduation design, but more importantly, I hope that my design will give people an appeal. If more people can visit the Puppet Museum, it will be a success . For these three months, every day of my life is very fulfilling. The design is a profession where you take a small step and want to take a big step. In the early stage of the design, I was confused, and there was no way to focus my attention on the work, which led to a large delay in the early stage of the logo design. Fortunately, I made up for it later. After designing an item, I would like to design another impulse. When encountering some technical difficulties, the teacher also helped me solve the problem for the first time. I am very grateful to Mr. Stefan for helping me solve many problems, and I really appreciate the design. Recognition of your design is a very exciting thing, and I hope that through my design, more people will know about puppets, or people who want to visit puppet museums around the world.






School:Beijin Normal University,Zhuhai

Program:Visual Communication Design(Brand Design)



视觉传达设计专业(中德合作办学双学位)由北京师范大学珠海分校和德国品牌应用科学大学(Brand University of Applied Sciences),是广东省唯一经教育部批准的设计类中外合作办学项目。项目专业课程采用全英授课,学生达到两校的培养要求,可以同时获得北京师范大学珠海分校颁发的视觉传达设计专业毕业证书、艺术学学士学位证书和德国品牌应用科学大学颁发的主修品牌设计文学学士学位证书。

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