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珠海华发中演大剧院再设计 - Zhuhai Huafa & CPAA Theatre Rebranding

贡献者: 视觉传达设计(中德合作办学双学位) 来源:视觉传达设计(中德合作办学项目) 时间:2年前 热度:

This project is rebranding the Zhuhai Huafa & CPAA Theatre. The main reason is to attract more people to come into the theatre accept art education. So I improve the design and make it attractive.


The original time and place of the theatre's origin is unknown, but it is certain that the original theatrical performance was caused by games, imitations and religious rituals. Drama works have always been an important art form to understand culture and society. Playwrights use drama to express their views on facts, whether it's cultural time or political events. So coming to the theater to watch dramatic works has a guiding role for the whole society, helping people learn to read and think critically.



Zhuhai HUAFA & CPAA Theatre is a Zhuhai exclusive theater opened in 2014. It has a very professional sound field design and a strong sense of science and technology in building shape. It can be regarded as a super first-class theater in China.


Today's UI interface is unattractive, and many information that needs to be highlighted cannot be found at a glance. Secondly, Zhuhai Grand Theatre is a very strong competitor, attracting more resources under a more attractive appearance. As time goes on, if Huafa & CPAA Theatre doesn't make changes, it will face a greater threats.


High quality, Relax, Art, Education, Music, Culture


It is hoped that the theatre culture will be deeply rooted in the people's mind based on the transformation of Huafa & CPAA Theatre, and that everyone can enter the theatre and receive the influence of art education. It adheres to the concept of"everyone can accept the influence of theatre culture, and everyone can accept art education".


There is no specific population division for this project. According to the previous stereotype, the goal of the theater is usually directional, mainly to attract fixed target groups, that is, fans who fully understand the theater culture and have favorite actors. But this new era needs to break this stereotyped thinking. The existence of the theatre serves everyone. People need to understand that the drama of the theatre are not all that kind of elegant art. Drama usually contain many historical stories, or reflect the worldly wisdom of various social problems. It's good for all ages.



So for the illustration of my logo, I took the glass fibre reinforced plastic structure shape of the Huafa & CPAA Theatre, and add the traditional Chinese character of Huafa’s Hua, connected with the line.



The theme color is selected from Pantone popular color in 2020 - Classic Blue application color card, which is the brightest and lightest color on the color card. The classic blue in 2020 represents the times, "calm, confidence and sense of connection, which is an eternal blue tone, highlighting our desire to start construction on a reliable and stable basis as we enter a new era."In selecting light blue of the same color system, my concept is that it represents the new era. As a theater, it can accommodate all kinds of people of all ages, and also bring spiritual relaxation and enjoyment to the people. Also, Huafa & CPAA Theatre will redefine the brand color of each year according to the Pan Tong pop color every year, avoiding the visual fatigue formed for a long time.



In my value poster design, I quoted several paintings of Caravaggio. Caravaggio has a unique role in the development of art. He made great efforts to make religious themes not only secularized but also popular, focusing on the expression of the bottom of society. 


Some people attack his art as a description of "crude natural man", lacking beauty and idealization. In fact, the real value of Caravaggio's art is here. He is opening up a new era for the art of realism. In his life, from life to art, he is a rebel and innovator. Just as the theatre culture needs to be innovated now, art needs to be innovated whenever and wherever.


Just because we want to convey different artistic thinking and spirit through Caravaggio's famous paintings, we have a series of brand value posters to convey our brand spirit.




Butterfly is adapted from the Chinese classic Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai. It tells a new story and a new way about the eternal topic of love. I choose blue and orange to show the depress and the fire of love. Also the butterfly shape of the illustration. And for different audience, I do two different poster which is Chinese and English type. Chinese version is more emotional with the character playing, and the other one is more clear and simple.



Also the Les miserable, is adapted from Victor Hugo's novel of the same name. The story is based on the Republican uprising in Paris in 1832. So I use the color of France, and the shape of the moving flags as the background.



In the design of the app for Huafa & CPAA Theatre, the most visual level is used to attract the attention, and the complicated buttons and redundant information are subtracted to keep the interface clean, comfortable and convenient. In addition to the largest value posters, the following is the main button to get information. The famous paintings of Caravaggio are also stay under the button to highlight with the value posters of the theater.


In addition to the login interface and home page interface, the play information interface and seat selection and ticket purchase interface are also displayed. In the repertoire information interface, the information of the repertoire can be seen at a glance, and the repertoire can be clearly identified and the participants can be known in advance. At the same time, audiences who have not watched the play can also understand the play through a brief introduction. If they are interested in watching the play, they can click the button in the lower right corner to enter the seat selection and ticket purchase interface. Similarly, only the page with key information is placed. Clearly select the date of watching the play, the number of times during watching the play, and then select the floor and specific seats.



Web page also adopts the same idea as app design, which is simple and clean interface, making people comfortable and easy to find information. In the web interface, the drama information and ticket selection will be combined into the same page, which can help people buy tickets more decisively. On the home page, the maximum value poster will show the intention of our theatre to people, and help people who are new to the theatre to understand our image.







Good web design can let users stay on our web page for a longer time, which can improve the user viscosity, and also promote the completion of transactions, which is also the advantage of putting the drama information and ticket selection on the same interface in the web page.






Among the product, shoulder bags and notebooks are selected for the audience, which are also the most practical products. At the same time, the value posters printed on the bags and notebooks are ostensibly displaying Caravaggio's famous paintings, which are actually quietly transmitting the spiritual value and literary information that we want to give to the audience in Huafa & CPAA Theater. Also the notebook, people can write down meaningful things, maybe is the memory of the musicals.






Designer: Cate

School: Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai

Program: Visual Communication Design (Brand Design)



视觉传达设计专业(中德合作办学双学位)由北京师范大学珠海分校和德国品牌应用科学大学(Brand University of Applied Sciences),是广东省唯一经教育部批准的设计类中外合作办学项目。项目专业课程采用全英授课,学生达到两校的培养要求,可以同时获得北京师范大学珠海分校颁发的视觉传达设计专业毕业证书、艺术学学士学位证书和德国品牌应用科学大学颁发的主修品牌设计文学学士学位证书。

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