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Aurora - Artificial Intelligence Brand Interactive Design

贡献者: 视觉传达设计(中德合作办学双学位) 来源: 时间:6个月前 热度:

Aurora - Artificial Intelligence Brand Interactive Design. Aurora realized the transformation of cutting-edge visual interaction and edge computing into a wide range of real-life applications.


With the rapid development of China, more and more citizens have improved their living standards, hoping to experience the latest technology products. As an emerging field, artificial intelligence has attracted the attention of a large number of young people. As of 2019, the scale of investment in China's artificial intelligence industry has exceeded 55.4 billion RMB, maintaining a growth trend for four consecutive years. There are already 100,000 scientific and technological personnel and university teachers and students in China engaged in research, learning, development and application of artificial intelligence-related fields at different levels. Although the word artificial intelligence is almost universally known, the definition of artificial intelligence and the use of artificial intelligence technology have not yet reached universality.


The main task of this project is to promote the development of Chinese artificial intelligence in the field of cognition and application and to build a Chinese artificial intelligence technology brand. Therefore, I created the Aurora brand to improve the interactive experience between artificial intelligence and people. Aurora is an artificial intelligence brand based on"Magic Eyes"system to improve life efficiency. Aurora realized the transformation of cutting-edge visual interaction and edge computing into a wide range of real-life applications. As an extension of this project, Aurora hopes to contribute to the field of artificial intelligence technology for young people and emerging companies in the future.

Basic Design


logo sketch-01.jpg

(The design process of brand logo)

At the beginning of the logo design, I imagined what my brand would be like. And I listed some keywords. It would be creative, open-minded, functional and so on. Finally, I got this name - Aurora. Aurora is colorful and wonderful. It can cause us a lot of feelings. Then I started to design logo. Because our artificial intelligence brand is based on the"magic eye"system. And the abbreviation of artificial intelligence is"Ai". According to the similar pronunciation, we combine the first characters"A"and"Eye"in the figure. And because the entire graphic is relatively complicated, I tried to simplify it to reflect that we are a simple and efficient technology brand.


(The graphic animation of brand logo)

The two circles of this logo graphic represent our brand itself and our customer group. This shows the original intention of the establishment of our brand-in order to transfer the knowledge of artificial intelligence to more people, stimulate their curiosity and creativity, and promote the development of artificial intelligence in China.


ppt 9.jpg

(The main colors)

ppt 10.jpg

(The secondary colors)

The main colors include Aurora Black and Aurora White and three gradient colors. Aurora Black and Aurora White will be used for trademark registration and where gradient colors cannot be used. These three gradient colors are the most common colors selected from Aurora. They will also be frequently used in Aurora brand visual identity design. These six colors are used as auxiliary colors. The rich and colorful colors can also explain the connotation of brand passion and vitality.

Font Design


 未标题 -2.jpg

Aurora Font is a font that we extracted from the brand logo. It is combined with chip elements through characters. It not only reflects the innovation, openness and diversity of our brand, but it is not too complicated and exaggerated.



For the illustration style, I use the popular 2.5D graphics style. The 2.5D graphics are arranged and combined through some simple vector graphic elements to make the picture expressive and create comfortable visual effects. Through some decorative small objects, the picture is very interesting.

In addition, I designed three display scenarios for the three functions. I have made some related graphic elements according to the theme. According to the relationship between shape and space, we arranged and combined. In the end, I make the layout of the graphics and the visual effect unbalanced, so that the picture has a hierarchical relationship. The more comfortable these hierarchical relationships, the stronger the visual effects.


Poster 未标题 -3.jpg


 未标题 -1.jpg

Branding PSD 已用 1.jpg




未标题 -1.jpg

Interaction H5






Designer: Clover

School: Beijing Normal Univercity, Zhuhai

Progarm: Visual Communication Design (Brand Design)



视觉传达设计专业(中德合作办学双学位)由北京师范大学珠海分校和德国品牌应用科学大学(Brand University of Applied Sciences),是广东省唯一经教育部批准的设计类中外合作办学项目。项目专业课程采用全英授课,学生达到两校的培养要求,可以同时获得北京师范大学珠海分校颁发的视觉传达设计专业毕业证书、艺术学学士学位证书和德国品牌应用科学大学颁发的主修品牌设计文学学士学位证书。

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