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潮粿 - Guo Snack Bar

贡献者: 视觉传达设计(中德合作办学双学位) 来源: 时间:8个月前 热度:

ChaoGuo is a food brand, also a snack bar. The concept of ChaoGuo is come from a snack from my hometown Chaozhou, which is Guo. I'd like to spread my hometown culture with brand design.


ChaoGuo is a fast food brand, also a snack bar. The concept of ChaoGuo is come from a snack from my hometown Chaozhou, which is Guo, this kind of food is really delicious but not so popular. In this case, I would like to spread this food also this culture during my brand design work.

"Happy together" is ChaoGuo's slogan, my brand aim to express this concept throughout traditional food, to achieve the mixture of different things and create happiness. This paper divide into four parts: Brand research, Brand Strategy, Brand Design and References.

Finally, ChaoGuo will attract different target audience with vivid design style, multiple color combination and modern design style.


“Guo” is a traditional cuisine in Chaozhou. Because of that, I'd like to design a fast food brand. In one hand  is to attract customer and let them achieving a healthier lifestyle, in other hands, is to spread the traditional culture of my hometown-Chaozhou. 

During my research, I’m interested in the seal of GUO, but I also found that, the traditional seal is so complicated and hard to understand what is it, that way, I try to combine some modern elements of GUO, to make it more close to our target audience, so “Happy together” is the slogan of my brand, which aim to spread happiness and share love.



“In Chaozhou, GUO is the most important sign which represent Chaozhou culture. GUO as a snack also is use for worship the gods, remember our ancestors, moreover, which is a great gift to friends and relatives. The process of making GUO is complex, and represent traditional handicraft of Chaozhou. GUO is a symbol of culture, with business value, also can enhance local tourism industry.”

The reason why I create this brand call ChaoGuo is to spread the Chinese culture which combine with modern elements, and food is a good way to communicate our customers, they can easily get our brand spirit during our products. All the elements come to one slogan “Happy Together” to make combination. This is my brand proposal, in short, combine with classic and modern, old and new, eastern and western, that said, to spread Chinese culture through this way.

The purpose of designing and creating this famous brand, is to spread the Chaoshan culture. Guo culture is a well-deserved Chaoshan food culture excellent business card, but its other identity has attracted more attention —— Chaoshan precipitation of years of traditional culture miniature. If you want to be a living cultural sign of the art of making hip-hop products instead of appearing in textbooks with knowledge, we must explore a new way to inherit Chaoshan culture. 

Brand Positioning

ChaoGuo as a snack bar, offer modern design elements with traditional taste of food. ChaoGuo is a adventure, hedonist and open-minded brand, the core idea is to make combination bring all the happiness together. ChaoGuo can simulate our customer’s creativity and curiosity and inspire their spirit of boarding their horizons.

Brand P_画板 1 副本 37.jpg

Brand Mission & Vision

ChaoGuo an to build up the first Guo brand in China, in this stage we will attract more and more customer, to make them trial our product. Our brand design may not appeal to all customer segments equally good. Colors, symbols, tonality may be received differently and do not equally good and credibly support our message.

Logo Design

Actually, my logo design had been through a really tough period. In the first stage, I positioned ChaoGuo as a traditional brand. But in the middle of design, me and my tutor Ole Utikal found out a great idea"Happy together", so I change the whole concept immediatly. I trying to combine with modern and tradition, to create a more interesting design, with mutiple colors.

Logo_画板 1 副本 7.png

Logo Inspiration

The logo was inspired by the shape of GUO, also the shape of water drop. When I combine this two elements together, I found that I can design a whole logo in the shape of"YingYang",  which is similar to my concept"Happy Together", to make a perfect mixture between everything.

After all, I put two smiling faces together, so this is my logo inspiration:"Happy Together". Moreover, the whole design are base on this concept, so we can see many different combination.

 屏幕快照 2020-05-03 下午 4.04.40.png


 屏幕快照 2020-05-03 下午 4.12.16.png

Color Palette_画板 1 副本 10.png

The color I use mostly are bright colors.#e94813 and #496ab2 are the main colors of ChaoGuo. #e94813(dark pink) represent GUO and #496ab2(blue) represent beverage, drinks, moreover, blue and pink look harmonious.

The other four colors are brand-assisted color palettes, which are used in poster, brochure, typeface, merchandise and so on, which aim to attratct attention from customers, especially light color. Colorful and funny colors combination can also create a sense of vibrant, inclusive and enthusiasm, which perfectly explain our brand's core idea.

Seal Introduction

Seal is the basic part of cake making. It has spread till today because of its unique and delicate carving and strong folk character. Seal as historical folk, gives us knowledge of mixing reference and the custom of each other.

In my opinion, I would like to create the pattern which more close to mordern style. The shape of pattern would be clean and "funny", in other words: Simple but Unique. From this perspective, I try to keep the GUO shape, also add New elements to decorate ChaoGuo's products.


Seal Design & Icon Design

At the beginning of graduation design, the first idea I came up with, is icon design, because at that time, I just want to create some simple icon design and play around it. But I found that, why not to create a simple seal design, which can perfectly decorate our product, also meaningful,so I create several seal design. So the seal idea is coming up with icon design.  About the idea of Icon, I'm trying to create a modern, simple and funny way. So I base on the old style pattern which combe with line, and design a new style of pattern.

屏幕快照 2020-05-03 下午 4.24.09.png

屏幕快照 2020-05-03 下午 4.36.57.png

So this is the icon design, and "Fish", "Pig", "Cow", "Chicken" and "Duck", will be the seal pattern and print on diferent flavours of GUO, the rest of the icon design will be the ingredients or drinks and so on.

屏幕快照 2020-05-03 下午 4.27.09.png


屏幕快照 2020-05-03 下午 4.34.31.png




The store ChaoGuo will place in some residential areas, with green surrounding, where offer drinks and food and our customers can pick the food as soon as possible.

The other flagship shop will open in the hustle and bustle areas, with nice decorations, where some interenet celebrities can take a photo and relax.



Poster Design

The poster design mainly trying to enhance the brand identity, the first series is brand poster, simply show my brand, present logo's pattern and so on.



This is the second series of poster, ChaoGuo will hold a handmake class, to enhance the shopping experience, during this class our customers will better understand our brand. Our experience class which focus on seal making, customers can design their own pattern and make their own Guo.



The merchandise are including plastic bags, bowl, takeaway pakage and so on, the package design with logo which can attract customers attention, and the most important is, customers are the stars of ChaoGuo's social media and the platform itself is being refreashed all the time, so clear logo is necessary.




Cup Mockup.png


屏幕快照 2020-05-03 下午 7.49.33.png





Designer: Erin Lin

School: Beijing Normal University,Zhuhai

Program: Visual Communication Design (Brand Design)



视觉传达设计专业(中德合作办学双学位)由北京师范大学珠海分校和德国品牌应用科学大学(Brand University of Applied Sciences),是广东省唯一经教育部批准的设计类中外合作办学项目。项目专业课程采用全英授课,学生达到两校的培养要求,可以同时获得北京师范大学珠海分校颁发的视觉传达设计专业毕业证书、艺术学学士学位证书和德国品牌应用科学大学颁发的主修品牌设计文学学士学位证书。

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