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多彩展亭,马德里 / Martín Peláez

贡献者: 仙草奶冻 来源:gooood 时间:1年前 热度:


多彩展亭是一个为 Fundación A LA PAR 的包容性与支持性公园 Fundaland 所设计的游戏展馆。Fundación A LA PAR 基金会致力于保护和寻求智力障碍者在社会中的权利与参与性。




It has the archetypical shape of a house to show that it is an inclusive space, a home for all. It celebrates diversity through color, and the alliance between people by the intersections of the color lines. It is translucent to unveil to the outside that inclusion through playing is also possible.


pic_003.jpgpic_004.jpg▼借助色彩展现多样性,借助彩色线条的交汇来凸显人与人的关联 pic_005.jpg


The pavilion building process is divided in four principal milestones: platform, structure, graphics and envelope.



首先,在公园的室外围墙内建造一个长 13 米宽 7 米的钢筋混凝土矩形平台。

First, a rectangular platform of reinforced concrete of 13 meters long and 7 meters wide, was built in an outdoor enclosure of the park.



第二部分是结构,在混凝土平台上锚固一个 5 米高的金属山墙形框架。结构被设计成不同的组成部件,便于在场地中安装,缩短施工时间。三个主要山墙框架通过 12 根横梁与 12 根钢索连接在一起,从各个方向上支撑着主体结构。整个展亭在 6 小时内安装完成。

In second place, the structure, a 5 meter high metal gabled skeleton was installed on site anchored to the concrete platform.The structure designed in parts to be easily assembled in place, shortening execution times. The 3 main gabled frames, were joined by 12 beams and 12 cables, that brace the main structure in all directions.It was completely assembled in 6 hours.


pic_008.jpg▼三个主要山墙框架通过 12 根横梁与 12 根钢索连接在一起pic_009.jpg

作为结构框架的辅助部分,两扇 2.5 米长、4.5 米高的钢制大门安装在展亭正面。这两扇大门有三种目的:确保空间自然通风;从内部框景周边的绿色景观;从娱乐、交流和控制角度考虑,保证每个人都能看到内部的活动。当结构和大门安装完成后,图像效果就精心的勾勒形成,赋予项目的主要概念以生命,借助色彩体现多样性。项目定制的颜色从概念上回应了三原色与 Fundaland 公司标志颜色相融合的理念。线条被看作是色彩的立体超链接,沿着墙面、屋顶和地面延伸。

As a supportive feature to the structure work, two large steel doors of 2.5 meter long by 4.5 meter height were installed on the front elevations. These big doors, have three purposes: ensure the natural ventilation of the space, frame the views of the greenery of the surroundings from the inside, and keep the activity of the space visually open to everyone, in matter of fun, communication and control. Once the structure and gates were installed, the graphics were carefuly staked out and done, bringing the main idea of the project to life, celebrate diversity through color.The custom-made colors chosen for the project, conceptually respond to a blend of the primary colors and the corporative colors of Fundaland. Lines, were thought as hyperlinks that connect colors in 3D and overrun walls, roof and floor.

▼定制的颜色从概念上回应了三原色与 Fundaland 公司标志颜色相融合的理念



Lastly, the translucent textile envelope was set up. The material allows to intuit shadows and silhouettes from the outside and makes the pavilion shines at night as a lantern. The final image is a translucent and ethereal little house where you can discover an inner multicolor space that praises diversity.




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