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毕设∞无界︱适糖 Fit Sugar - 城市低糖餐饮服务系统

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毕设∞无界︱适糖 Fit Sugar - 城市低糖餐饮服务系统


《适糖 - 城市低糖餐饮服务系统》

根据国际糖尿病联盟(IDF)研究报告显示,中国成年人糖尿病患病率为 11.6%,且随着中国城市化进程的加速,糖尿病人群呈现低龄化趋势。这种趋势与当今的高糖饮食环境密不可分。与此同时,还有一批存在皮肤痤疮等问题的内分泌疾病患者也深受高糖饮食环境的影响,他们和糖尿病患者组成了需要严格控制糖摄入量的“糖敏感人群”。


Fit Sugar - Urban Low Sugar Catering Service System

According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) research report, the prevalence of diabetes in Chinese adults is 11.6%, and with the acceleration of urbanization in China, the population of diabetes is showing a trend of aging. This trend is inextricably linked to today's high-carbohydrate diet. At the same time, there are also a number of patients with endocrine diseases such as skin acne, which are also affected by the high-sugar diet. They and diabetics constitute a ‘sugar-sensitive population’ that needs to strictly control sugar intake. 

From the user's needs and experience, 「Fit Sugar」designs and builds an integrated urban life service system that integrates diet, exercise and rehabilitation. The aim is to find a solution for the sugar-sensitive people in the high-sugar diet environment.

640 (1).jpg


What is sugar?


People’s established impression of sugar is often added sugar such as sucrose


 However, the scope of sugar is much more than that


Its chemical formula is mainly characterized by the polymerization of'carbon'and'water'


So it is called Carbohydrate


Sugar is a participant in many important occasions in life


But it can also be the initiator of many diseases

 01  用户研究 / User Research

640 (2).jpg


All of the above are real people samples

640 (3).jpg


According to the age distribution of sugar-sensitive people and the frequency of eating out, the project team locked the target users into young and middle-aged commuters with high frequency of eating out. Through the user survey methods such as questionnaires and interviews, the most representative user samples were located, based on which the target user images were constructed. After obtaining the authorization, the behavioral process data of the children who went out to eat was collected, from the target, problem, and touch point. In several ways, find out the user needs and design space.


02  设计方案 / Design Plan

640 (5).jpg


该系统以分散在城市各个角落的便利店作为低糖餐饮服务的载体,旨在为糖敏感人群提供便捷的低糖餐饮服务。此外,还将健身服务纳入系统以介入用户的糖消耗过程。同时,联动线上应用程序优化服务体验——用户可通过 App 提前预约低糖餐品,选定就近便利店领取订制餐品。App 中还设立奖励机制驱动用户持续健康餐饮消费习惯。


Based on comprehensive consideration of relevant supply links such as low-sugar food ingredients suppliers and operators, the project designed and constructed the「Fit Sugar」urban low-sugar life service system. The smart catering module for sugar control needs will be embedded in the online and offline catering service platform to help the target audience's privacy while helping to better integrate into healthy life.

The system serves as a carrier for low-sugar catering services in convenience stores scattered throughout the city, aiming to provide convenient low-sugar catering services for sugar-sensitive people. In addition, fitness services are incorporated into the system to intervene in the user's sugar consumption process. At the same time, the online application optimization service experience - users can book low-sugar meals in advance through the App, select the nearest convenience store to receive customized meals. The app also has a reward mechanism to drive users to continue healthy eating habits.

「Fit Sugar」hopes to create a more natural and reasonably applicable modern lifestyle for sugar-sensitive people.

 03  服务系统解构图 

/ Service System Deconstruction Diagram 

640 (6).jpg


We present abstract service designs in the form of architectural deconstructions. The city's low-sugar catering service can be divided into three layers: sugar production layer, sugar supply layer and sugar consumption layer. The sugar production layer can be divided into raw material supply, production, packaging, and packaging. The sugar supply layer can be Divided into logistics and distribution links, convenience store links, sugar consumption layer has fitness links.

 04 「适糖」App 界面设计 

/「Fit Sugar」APP Interface Design 

640 (10).jpg

线上 app 的主要功能有低糖餐品预约功能,低糖餐品消费、运动健身消费打卡功能。

The main functions of the online app are low-sugar meal reservation function, low-sugar meal consumption, sports and fitness consumption punching function.

640 (11).jpg

 05  交互海报设计 / Interactive Poster  

640 (12).jpg


As the audience approaches the interactive posters at the exhibition site, the science animation will be triggered: a dynamic demonstration of the squeeze between the human organs and the sugar cubes, conveying the principle that “the intake of polysaccharides will cause a great burden on the body”. The aim is to awaken the catering awareness of the public health sugar control. 

 06  概念视频 / Concept Propaganda Film

 07  展示方案 / Exhibition Plan

640 (12).jpg

团队 / Team:



指导 / Director:



联系方式 / Contact:

孔莉莉 PROF. KONG LILI: 181673282@qq.com

廖巍 LIAO WEI: 645488219@qq.com

卢彦静 LU YANJING: 894189513@qq.com

范殷 FAN YIN: 316834535@qq.com

俞心怡 YU XINYI: 544253861@qq.com

640 (13).jpg

展览地址:中国美术学院 上海设计学院 展厅

上海市浦东新区春晓路 109 号

Exhibition Address: Exhibition Hall, Shanghai Institute of Design, China Academy of Art

109 Chunxiao Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai


Exhibition Time: 2019.05.24-2019.06.02

15 级智能界面专业 

Intelligent Interface Design'15

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