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毕设∞无界︱数字遗产托管所 Digital Heritage Trusteeship - 数字遗产服务系统

贡献者: 阿琪玛佳 来源:kllart 时间:3个月前 热度:

毕设∞无界︱数字遗产托管所 Digital Heritage Trusteeship - 数字遗产服务系统

640 (11).jpg


本作品以已故友人的真实数字记忆为基础,对时间、地点、事件、心情等信息进行采集与分析,以 Maxon Cinema 4D 结合 Octane Render 重建模块化、可视化的模拟记忆场景,实验可交互的多媒体数字遗产样本,旨在唤起大众对个体数字遗产保护的思考。

Digital Heritage Trusteeship - Digital Heritage Service System

In the digital age, people tend to store their life trajectories and memories in the form of date via all kinds of social media, therefore digital heritage has come to be something that cannot be ignored. According to some researches, the majority of users seldom considered the authorization issues related to their 'digital heritage'.

Based on the true digital memory of a deceased friend, this work collects and analyzes information like time, place, event, mood, etc. By means of combining Maxon Cinema 4D and Octane Render, we reconstruct some modularized and visualized simulative scenes existing in his digital memories to create an interactive multimedia digital heritage sample, which aims to arouse public attention to the protection of individual digital heritage.

640 (1).gif

640 (1).jpg

 01 《数字遗产托管所》概念视频

/ Digital Heritage Trusteeship  Concept Propaganda Film

/ 本视频视觉元素均为原创

/ The visual elements of this video are original


Online life has become an extension of real life, and people spend more time in sharing their joy and sorrow with a cubic screen. The Internet is no longer the platform where people just temporarily stayed. Email, blog, Weibo, personal space, game points and equipment, etc., people, in increasing number, have become accustomed to recording their experiences and secrets in the form of data on the Internet, which will inevitably produce abundant digital heritage. 

640 (2).jpg


We came to this world with ignorance and incomprehension


Experienced countless surprises and helplessness


On an unknown day in the future, we will say goodbye to the world


While for the huge amount of digital heritage left behind


What are we supposed to do?

640 (8).jpg


How many parents are locked out of their children’s WeChat moments?


How many parents are trying hard to understand their children?


Who are we?  Where are we from?  Where are we going?


Should we allow people who we trust andpay attention to


experience what we used to experience?

640 (3).jpg


When we depart


Would you like to show more about yourself to someone ever important to you? 


Or when someone whom you care leaves


Do you want to know more that they didn't share with you before?

如果 ta 向你开放权限

If he / she opens authority to you


Are you willing to walk into the real world of his / hers?

 02  信息可视化 / Information Visualization


人类的数字回忆不仅是由对场景的主观认知构成,情感是人类相互关系的重要纽带之一,对于场景中的重要线索物件,我们对其进行了信息可视化的情感表达,参考了 Albert Mehrabian 在 1974 年提出的 PAD 情感模型理论,以自然语言处理技术分析生成可视化语义。实现象征性物件与情绪的对应连结。

Human digital recollection is not only composed of subjective cognition of scenes. Emotion is one of the important ties in human relationship. To some important clue objects in the scene, we visualized the emotional expression contained by them referring to the PAD sentiment model theory put forward in 1974 by Albert Mehrabian, which generated visualized semantics with the help of natural language processing technology. Then a corresponding link between symbolic objects and emotions was established.

 03  界面设计 / Interface Design

640 (5).jpg640 (9).jpg


In summary, we propose the following new concept: to build an open digital heritage platform where through authorization the custodian would be given the access to all the data trustee stored on the internet, and these data (Maybe apiece of text or an expression shared in Weibo, a photo or a video released by WeChat moments.) will be automatically generated into corresponding memory scenes, and making use of modules, the scenes could be customized.


04  《数字遗产托管所》技术实现

/ Digital Heritage Trusteeship  Technological

640 (2).gif

在应用程序与展示方案的实现中,我们采用基于 Android 系统的交互式投影设备,采用 WebApp 方案,并使用 HTML5、CSS3、JavaScript 等语言进行编写,嵌套在基于 Google Chrome 开源内核的浏览器 App 中进行展示。

In the exploration of application program and display solution, we adopted the interactive projection device based on Android system and WebApp. And the programming language we used are HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, and our idea will be shown in a browser app based on the Google Chrome open source kernel.

 05  交互装置 / Interactive Device

640 (6).jpg640 (5).jpg

团队 / Team:



指导 / Director:



联系方式 / Contact:

孔莉莉 PROF. KONG LILI:181673282@qq.com

廖巍 LIAO WEI:645488219@qq.com

王路宁 WANG LUNING:nirvanaelkk@gmail.com

李涵 LI HAN:1399298943@qq.com

孙鑫慧 SUN XINHUI:414669541@qq.com

640 (7).jpg

展览地址: 中国美术学院 上海设计学院 展厅

上海市浦东新区春晓路 109 号

Exhibition Address: Exhibition Hall, Shanghai Institute of Design, China Academy of Art

109 Chunxiao Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai


Exhibition Time: 2019.05.24-2019.06.02

15 级智能界面专业 

Intelligent Interface Design'15

via:kllart  InMediaStudio




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