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毕设∞无界︱女贞树下 LUN︱Under Glossy Privet Trees LUN - 上海老洋房的故事

贡献者: 阿琪玛佳 来源:kllart 时间:3个月前 热度:

《上海老洋房的故事 - 女贞树下 LUN》


《上海老洋房的故事 - 女贞树下 LUN》









The Story of Old Mansions in Shanghai -  Under Glossy Privet Trees LUN

Shanghai is a city dominated by immigrant culture

In former French concession areas

 there are winding and quiet streets

Pull aside these leaves of phoenix trees

Buildings with different shapes and strong sense of historical vicissitudes stand there

These buildings all have independent style

They are the old mansions in people's verbal


 01  宣传视频/Propaganda Film


Except for the excerpt of Mei Lanfang, the video was originally created by the team members


02  创作背景/Creative Background

上海作家董鸣亭女士和公恒地产的陆伟先生书写的《上海老洋房的故事——女贞树下 LUN》在人们对老洋房的好奇下横空出世,我们通过两位老师的带领,为喜欢和想了解老洋房的人们揭开老洋房里里外外发生过的故事。让观者一起走进这些私人历史住宅,走进主人们的生活,发现老洋房里的故事。

Shanghai writer Ms.Dong Mingting and the estate agent of Straight & Steady States Mr.Lu Wei wrote'Under Glossy Privet Trees - The Story of Old Mansion in Shanghai', which came into being under people's curiosity about old mansions. Under the leadership of Ms.Dong and Mr.Lu, we find the stories happened inside and outside the old mansions for people who like and want to know about old mansions. Let the viewers walk into these private historical mansions together, into the lives of the owners, and discover the stories in the old mansions.

640 (1).jpg





Dong Mingting

Shanghai well-known female writers, member of Shanghai Writers Association, former reporter of'Morning News Newspaper'.

She is the author of Stone Gate The Shikumen Trilogy, Shanghai Eighteen Phases, Shanghai Eighteen Styles and Shanghai Eighteen industrys.

The collection of essays'National Rain', the film story'Hawthorne', the short story'Wind Bell Under the Eaves"and so on.

640 (2).jpg




采访了 40 栋老洋房的业主

Lu Wei

Gongheng Real Estate Senior Foreign Housing Broker

Planning the three seasons of Shanghai TV Station's'Valuation Program of Old Foreign Housing'

Interview with the owners of 40 old foreign houses


 03  故事节选/Story Excerpt

640 (3).jpg



Melodious Piano Sound in the Deep Courtyard

Chen's House in Hongqiao Road

「咪咪优雅地坐在一架老式的 MOTUTRRE 三角钢琴前,她那娇嫩的端庄身姿,她那柔软的手指在已经泛黄的琴键上如流水一般奏响了《少女的祈祷》。——节选自《上海老洋房的故事》」

'Mimi sat gracefully in front of an old-fashioned MOTUTRRE triangle piano, her delicate dignified posture, her soft fingers on the yellowed keys of the piano played'The Prayer of the Girl'. —— Excerpt from The Story of Shanghai's Old Mansions'

640 (4).jpg



Boudior Beauty See Inaccessibly

Ying's House in Fengyang Road


'Many people only know that the Yellow River Road is a gourmet street, adjacent to international hotels and facing the People's Park, which occupies the best place of Shanghai beach geomantic omen. But how many people know that there is a very beautiful road name next to the Yellow River Road - Fengyang Road. —— Excerpt from The Story of Shanghai's Old Mansions'

640 (5).jpg



The Mansion Under Privit Trees

Wu's House in Yongjia Road 

「她喜欢站在自家的阳台上,凭栏杆眺望着眼前那片花园草地,花园有 700 多平米大,种植着各式花木,她就看着风儿把洋房门口的那棵女贞树上的花籽洒满整个花园里。——节选自《上海老洋房的故事》」

'She likes to stand on her balcony and look at the garden lawn in front of her by the railings. The garden is over 700 square meters in size and is planted with all kinds of flowers and trees. She watches the wind sprinkle the seeds of the privet tree at the door of the house all over the garden. —— Excerpt from The Story of Shanghai's Old Mansions'

640 (6).jpg



A World with a Flower

Yan's Mansion in Middle Yan'an Road


'Such a beautiful building sleeps in a noisy city for many years without being disturbed by the world, as if an abandoned world had no intention of competing quietly with a prosperous city, but sleeps peacefully. —— Excerpt from The Story of Shanghai's Old Mansions' 愚园路上的贵族


Nobles Lived in Yuyuan Road

Li's Mansion in Heshun

      「太阳走远了,李名陆拖着自己的行李箱离开了愚园路 541 弄,他却把自己的身影留在了和顺邨,他的影子里是一片大大的花园,花园里盛开着四季不败的花。——节选自《上海老洋房的故事》」

'As the sun went away, Li Minglu left Yuyuan Road 541 with his suitcase, but he left his own figure in Heshun. In his shadow, there was a large garden, in which the flowers of the four seasons were in full bloom. —— Excerpt from The Story of Shanghai's Old Mansions'

640 (7).jpg



The End of the Drama is a Dream

Thousand Flat Garden in Changle Road


'Mark had flowed many rivers. He thought there were no rivers he could not cross and no dreams he could not fulfill. But this time, his dream was shattered by investing in making movies. —— Excerpt from The Story of Shanghai's Old Mansions'

 04  书籍设计/Book Design

作为海派建筑最响亮的名号,匈牙利籍斯洛伐克建筑师邬达克的作品必然是不能错过的宝藏,但通过对邬达克不断深入了解后,很多人会发现还存在着另一位法国建筑师,其项目留存数量比邬达克更多,几乎占据着经典老公寓的 60% 以上,如密丹公寓,盖司康,花园饭店,培文公寓,麦琪公寓等等,这位就是法国建筑师赉安。

As the most famous name of Shanghai architecture, Hungarian Slovak architect Hudek's works are bound to be treasures that can not be missed. However, after thorough understanding of Hudek, many people will find that there is another French architect who has more projects than Hudek, and almost occupies more than 60% of the old classical apartments, such as Midan Apartment, Gascon, Garden. Hotel, Pevin's apartment, Maggie's apartment and so on. This is the French architect Alexander Leonard.

赉安洋行为上海老洋房选择的树种就是女贞树,LUN 是赉安洋行刻在砖墙上的 LOGO,同时也是建筑师赉安的名字首字母缩写,于是这块有着非凡意义的红砖给予了我们设计的灵感。

Ligustrum lucidum is the tree chosen for the building of bank. LUN is the LOGO carved on the brick wall by bank. It is also the acronym of the architect Alexander Leonard's letter. So this brick with extraordinary significance has become our design inspiration.

640 (8).jpg

印有 LUN Logo 的红砖 | The Brick with LUN Logo

640 (9).jpg

《上海老洋房的故事 - 女贞树下 LUN》书籍设计 | Book Design of'Under  Glossy Privit Trees -  The Story ofOld Mansions in Shanghai'

 05  互动影像装置/Interactive Video Installation


In order to better reflect the unique charm of Shanghai's old houses and achieve good publicity results, the group selected the decorative patterns inside the old houses, similarly adopted the eclecticism creative techniques used by former designers of the old mansions, deconstructed and extracted these classical elements, reconstructed the works of new media interactive devices by means of art and technology, and through laser human body induction technology. Realize the interaction between the audience and the picture, so that the audience can experience the dream art of the old Shanghai style mansions.

解构与重构上海老洋房的经典元素 | Deconstruction and Reconstruction of Classical Elements of Shanghai Old Mansions

640 (13).jpg

多媒体交互装置展示 | Multimedia Interactive Installation








孔莉莉 PROF. KONG LILI: 181673282@qq.com

廖巍 LIAO WEI: 645488219@qq.com

戴遂如 DAI SUIRU: 864421681@qq.com

洪伊铭 HONG YIMING: 332072036@qq.com

640 (14).jpg

展览地址:中国美术学院 上海设计学院 展厅

上海市浦东新区春晓路 109 号

Exhibition Address: Exhibition Hall, Shanghai Institute of Design, China Academy of Art

109 Chunxiao Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai


Exhibition Time: 2019.05.24-2019.06.02

15 智能界面专业

  Intelligent Interface Design'15

via:kllart  InMediaStudio




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