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毕设∞无界 | 安境 EASE - 实景虚拟现实心理疏导系统

贡献者: 阿琪玛佳 来源:kllart 时间:6个月前 热度:






全世界每 4 个人中就有 1 个人,


EASE - Psycholosocial Adjustment System of Panoramic Virtual Reality

According to the World Health Organization, 

mental illness has become a common problem,

 with one in four people in the world suffering from mental illness at some point in their lives.


 01  创作动机/The Motivation of Creation

  在中国,以 14-35 岁青年人群为例,29.5% 为心理疾病高风险人群,53.6% 有不同程度的焦虑问题。经济、职业、学业是青年的三大压力来源(数据来自中国青少年研究中心协同中国科学院心理研究所)。

In China, for example, in the youth population between 14 and 35 years old, 29.5% are people with high risks to fall mentally ill, and 53.6% have different levels of anxiety. Economy, occupation, and academics are the three major sources of stress for young people (data from the China Youth Research Center and the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences).



People who are plagued by psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder tend to trap themselves in an isolated world, immersed in the painful mud and unable to extricate themselves, and gradually deviate from society. In severe cases, they may even become irreparable.


There are many treatment methods for mental illness, but there is a lack of mature and effective and reliable system, and there are many drawbacks to be solved, such as obvious side effects caused by drug treatment; comprehensive reasons such as social environment and internal disorder make them need help but cannot bravely seek assistance, all of which has become a hindrance to the recovery of the disease.

 02  解决方案之一/One of the Solutions


  因此,为了寻求对心理疾病患者以及有焦虑困扰的潜在病患,甚至是未来某个阶段的我们,从痛苦、不安的漩涡中抽离出来的方案,同时尽量避免上述可能的副作用,我们历时 5 个月做调研与随访,参考各种心理学书籍,定位通过自然疗法(Ecotherapy)缓解心理病症的途径,作为本项目的切入点。

Therefore, in order to seek  scheme for patients with mental illness and potential patients with anxiety problems, or even ourselves at a certain stage in the future to withdraw from the painful and uneasy vortex and try to avoid the above possible side effects.  We did researches and follow-up for five months, refered to various psychology books, and located the way to alleviate mental illness through ecotherapy as an entry point for this project.


Ecotherapy means that when people experience the natural world and connect with them, they can shift their perceptions from “self” to “outside world”, reduce negative concerns about self-concern and regret, and increase happiness. And happiness. At the same time, it draws on the concept of growth in meditation and the state of mindfulness based on the consciousness of the present moment. In natural remedies, patients will have a relaxed posture and psychology, contact with nature, and combine meditation to bring better decompression effects.



According to a related study by Columbia University, exposure to nature can alleviate the symptoms of patients with mental illness. However, it is not easy to open their heart and be exposed to nature for people with mental illnesses to suffer from their own problems and potential patients in an urban high-pressure environment. The internal factors such as anxiety, autism, and panic, and the external factors such as the squeezing of rest time caused by fast-paced high-pressure life, have become major obstacles to approaching nature.

  「我们使用 VR 技术生成沉浸式自然环境,通过界面引导、沉浸式的体验辅助使用者在虚拟自然中消解压力。需要指出的是,实现这个概念设计的目的并不是为了鼓励人们沉迷于虚拟现实,而是旨在激励人们能够鼓起勇气迈入真实的自然世界,踏上释放心灵的旅程。」

'We use VR technology to generate an immersive natural environment, and through the interface guidance and immersive experience to help users to eliminate stress in virtual nature. It should be pointed out that the purpose of this concept design is not to encourage people to indulge in virtual reality. It is designed to inspire people to take the courage to enter the real world of nature and embark on a journey of releasing the soul.'

 03  概念宣传视频/Concept Promotion Video

 04  设备技术介绍/Technology Introduction


  其中硬件设备包括:Insta 360 ONEX 全景相机、iPhone xs max、大疆灵眸 2 稳定器、佳能 70d、Kinect 2.0 体感识别器、HTC Focus VIVE 等;

  软件包括:Kinect for windows sdk、Unity3D、Insta 360 studio、After Effects CC2018、Premiere Pro CC2018 等;

We use advanced hardware and process technology to recreate the experience of ecotherapy.

The hardware equipment includes: Insta 360 ONEX panoramic camera, iPhone xs max, Dajiang Lingyi 2 stabilizer, Canon 70d, Kinect 2.0 somatosensory recognizer, HTC focus integrated machine, etc.

Software includes: Kinect for windows sdk, Unity3D, Insta 360 studio, After Effects CC2018, Premiere Pro CC2018, etc.

程序技术包含/Program technology includes:

Kinect 动作识别:用 kinect 体感摄像头,捕捉人体关节位置;编写相应算法,进行指定姿势的识别判定。使用者只需做出指示动作便可进行交互,无需手持多余设备,通过简便而有趣的操作过程带来良好的使用体验。

Kinect motion recognition: kinect somatosensory camera is used to capture the position of human joints, write corresponding algorithms to identify and determine the specified posture. Users only need to make an instruction to interact, without having to hold extra devices, and have a good experience through a simple and interesting operation.

VR 全景视频呈现:通过编写陀螺仪算法,控制视角随着物理位置变化而变动,使得全景视频能够在一体机内实现视角可转动观看,同时分视频阶段做 UI 设计和处理。

VR panoramic video presentation: By programming the gyroscope algorithm, the control angle of view changes with the change of physical position, so that the panoramic video can realize the rotation of the viewing angle in the all-in-one machine, and at the same time, UI design and processing are performed in the video stage.

建立基于 osc 协议的局域网通信,做到 Kinect 程序和 VR 程序能够在设备处于同一局域网的时候进行消息实时传递。

LAN communication can be established based on osc protocol, so that Kinect program and VR program can transmit messages in real time when the device is on the same LAN.

 05  内置界面设计/Interface Design


VR 一体机内置选择界面

640 (1).gif

VR 一体机内置引导界面

 06  操作演示视频/Operation and Demonstration Video

 07  全景视频采集/Panoramic Video Capture

  本项目 VR 设备中的全景风景视频,需要具备视野开阔、阳光充足、风景优美等特点,才能带来良好的放松体验,于是在综合了气候、环境等因素后,我们最终将拍摄目的地定位在云南的丽江与香格里拉。

The panoramic landscape video in the VR equipment of this project needs to have the characteristics of wide vision, sunshine and beautiful scenery, so as to bring a good relaxation experience. After integrating the factors of climate and environment, we finally locate the shooting destination, Lijiang and Shangri-La in Yunnan.

* 本文所有风景实景视频、图片照均为本小组实地采集(多图预警!!)

All the scenic real video and photos in this article are shot by our team.


  在完成拍摄规划后,我们前往玉龙雪山进行为期 2 天的实景素材采集,在余下的 9 天时间里,徜徉于初春的香格里拉,游走于宛如天空之镜的纳帕海,徐行于被原始森林包围的属都湖,穿梭于险峻的巴拉格宗大峡谷,伫立于白雪皑皑的石卡雪山之巅。拍摄每一株草木,每一处山峦河流;记录每一声鸟鸣与每一阵微风划过草甸的沙沙鸣响。

After completing the shooting planning, we went to Yulong Snow Mountain for a two-day live material collection. During the remaining 9 days, we walk in the first spring of Shangri-La, wander in the Napa Sea like a mirror of the sky, creep in the the Tudu Lake surrounded by primeval forest, shuttle in the steep Balaguezong Grand Canyon and stand on the top of the snow-capped Shika Snow Mountain. We shoot each plant, every mountain river; record every bird song and every breeze blowing across the meadow.



'The sky was blue. In the afternoon with the bright sunshine, there was a dreamy scenery floating to him, as if he had sucked the rest of his oxygen out of his lungs. In the distance, at the end of the field of vision, there are faintly overlapping snow-capped peaks, which are glittered by ice and snow, and the snow peaks seem to float above the clouds. - Excerpts of The Lost Horizon'




'We don't really like to go to big cities. The tall buildings are so dense that we don't see the sky. Which are too depressed. In Shangri-La, the eyes are full of open scenery, and the mood will be more comfortable and enjoyable. - Lausanne / Shangri-La'



The snow and ice on the top of the mountain reflects the moonlight and exudes an ice-blue halo, creating a contrasting effect. - Excerpts of The Lost Horizon'



'The sun and the moon are there in the heart; and we, not far away, bring you the sun and the moon in this heart.'

 08  结语/Conclusion

  综上所述,本项目通过 VR 技术展现广袤而美妙的虚拟自然风景,以及添加适当的放松引导界面,能够帮助心理疾病患者及潜在患者释放压力,缓解症状。我们期望这件作品能够在不久的未来,随着不断的创新和改进,能更好地帮助到心理疾患和正处于焦虑困扰中的人们,拥抱自然,放飞身心,回归本真,拥有良好的身心状态。

In summary, the project demonstrates vast and beautiful virtual natural scenery through VR technology, and adding appropriate relaxation guide interface, help patients with mental illness and potential patients release stress and relieve symptoms. We hope that this work will be able to better help people with mental illness and anxiety in the near future, embrace nature, release body and mind, return to the true nature, and have a good state of mind and body. 









孔莉莉 PROF. KONG LILI:181673282@qq.com

廖巍 LIAO WEI:645488219@qq.com

高建树 GAO JIANSHU:280106032@qq.com

李韵依 LI YUNYI:253593651@qq.com

邹泽萱 ZOU ZEXUAN:1017490555@qq.com



展览地址:中国美术学院 上海设计学院 展厅

上海市浦东新区春晓路 109 号

Exhibition Address: Exhibition Hall, Shanghai Institute of Design, China Academy of Art

109 Chunxiao Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai


Exhibition Time: 2019.05.24-2019.06.02

15 智能界面专业

Intelligent Interface Design '15

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