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2017(CGDA)国际标志设计奖|CGDA2017 International Logo Design Award

贡献者: CGDA 来源:CGDA 时间:2个月前 热度:

2017(CGDA)国际标志设计奖,暨首届 CGDA 国际标志设计奖,面向港澳台、亚太地区、全球华人范围的设计机构、设计师,以及美术院校设计专业学生征集标志、品牌形象设计作品。作为中国平面设计界最高规格的设计奖项,大赛致力于搭建国际设计专业平台,探索标志、品牌形象设计发展的新趋势,发掘国内外优秀的设计力量、为中国设计事业的发展创造价值。


背景 |Background

2017(cgda)国际标志设计奖,暨首届 cgda 国际标志设计奖,面向港澳台、亚太地区、全球华人范围的设计机构、设计师,以及美术院校设计专业学生征集标志、品牌形象设计作品。作为中国平面设计界最高规格的设计奖项,大赛致力于搭建国际设计专业平台,探索标志、品牌形象设计发展的新趋势,发掘国内外优秀的设计力量、为中国设计事业的发展创造价值。 

cgda2017 International logodesign  Award & the First cgda International logodesign Award intends to collect  logos and brand image design works from design institutions, designers and  students majoring in design from fine art academies in Hong Kong, Macao and  Taiwan, Asia-Pacific region and Chinese all over the world. As a top design  award in China’s graphic design circle, it is committed to building an  international professional design platform, exploring the new development of  logo and brand image design, discovering excellent design force at home and  abroad and creating values for the development of Chinese design  undertaking.

举办单位 |Host units

承办:cgda 国际标志设计奖组委会

Sponsored by:  cgda
Undertaken  by: Organizing Committee of cgda International logodesign  Award

参赛资格 |Entry rules


参赛作品必须是 2012 年 1 月 27 日至 2017 年 1 月 27 日期间创作的标志、品牌形象设计作品,参赛作品可由任何参与作品创作的公司或个人提交。拒绝一切飞机稿、投标作品或实验作品,PS 贴图示意等都将不予接受,请以纯平面设计稿或高质量实物拍摄图片两种形式任意一种提交作品,所有入围及获奖作品均将在 cgda 官网得到展示,并被收录到《cgda2017 年鉴》。
* 注:参赛者可按个人意愿提交作品,数量不限。

The entries must be the logo and  brand design works which were created between January 27, 2012 and August 27,  2017. They can be submitted by any company or individual participating in  creation of the works. Any scam ads, tendered works or experimental works will  not be accepted. All shortlisted entries will be exhibited on the official  website of cgda and included in cgda2017 Yearbook.
* Note: Contestants can submit  their works without a quantity limit according to their personal  willingness.


参赛作品必须是目前在读的研究生、本科生、大中专学生或上述学生在读期间完成的作品。学生参赛作品可以是得到实际应用的设计作品也可以是未得到实际应用的练习作品。所有入围及获奖作品均将在 cgda 官网得到展示,并被收录到《cgda2017 年鉴》。
* 注:参赛者可按个人意愿提交作品,数量不限。

The entries must be the works which  were completed by postgraduates, undergraduates, junior college and polytechnic  school graduates or the above students at school. Students’ works can be the  design works which have been applied or the exercised works which have not been  applied. All shortlisted entries will be exhibited on the official website of  cgda and included in cgda2017 Yearbook.
* Note: Contestants can submit  their works without a quantity limit according to their personal  willingness.

参赛类别 |Competing category

A 标志 logo  


This kind of works is an  independent logodesign work, and only the individual logo image needs to be  submitted.

B 标志 + 应用 logo +  application

品牌形象的应用系统包括办公用品(文具、便笺、名片等)、宣传材料(手册、年报、内部刊物等)、办公环境、建筑环境、产品包装、广告媒体、交通工具、服装服饰、旗帜、招牌、标识牌、橱窗、陈列展示、网站、多媒体等等。每件提交作品所包含的应用图像可能各不相同,但至少需要提交 5 张以上,没有上限。  

The application system of brand  image includes office supplies (stationery, memo, business card, etc.),  promotional materials (manual, annual report, internal publication, etc.),  office environment, construction environment, product package, advertisement  media, vehicle, clothing, flag, signboard, logo, showcase, display, website,  multimedia and so on. The application images included in every submitted work  may vary but at least 5 application images should be submitted without an upper limit.

奖项设置 |Award setting

依据 cgda 国际标志设计奖组委会评审准则,将从所有参赛作品中评选出具备内容准确传达性,艺术表现完美性,作品原创独特性的设计作品,分别设置  cgda 优秀奖、金、银、铜奖。cgda International logodesign Award  2017 另设专业组全场大奖 1 名,学生组全场大奖 1 名,优秀组织奖 5 名,优秀指导教师奖 5 名。

According to the evaluation  criteria of Organizing Committee of cgda International logodesign Award, we  will select the design works which feature exact content transmission,  perfection of artistic expression, originality and uniqueness and set up cgda  Excellent Award, Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards. cgda International logodesign  Award 2017 will also set up 1 grand award for professional group, 1grand award  for student group, 5 awards for outstanding organization and 5 awards for outstanding guiding teachers.

作品提交 Work submitted

本次比赛所有的参赛作品一律通过网络邮箱提交,根据参赛类别提交要求,作品电子文档以 A4 幅面、JPG、300dpi、CMYK、RGB 模式各一份,填写并提交《作品登记表》,表格可通过登录 www.cgda.hk 下载,邮件名称格式为:类别 + 参赛者姓名,发送至 cgdahk@163.com

All entries  of this competition will be submitted via E-mail. According to the submission  requirements of competition category, the electronic document of the work shall  be prepared for one copy in A4, JPG300dpi, CMYK and RGB. Registration Form  of Works shall be completed and  submitted, and the form can be downloaded from www.cgda.hk. The format of E-mail is: category  + name of contestant. Send it to cgdahk@163.com.

截止时间 |Deadline

即日起至 2017 年 8 月 27 日截稿,以组委会收到稿件的时间为准。
2017 年 9 月中旬,在 cgda 官网及各大媒体公布获奖名单,同期颁奖。  

The deadline is from now to August  27, 2017 and will be subject to the time when the organizing committee receives  the document.
In the middle of September 2017, the official  website of cgda and major media will announce the awards, and the  awards will be presented at the same  period.

参赛费用 Entry fee

专业组标志 80 元 / 件,学生组标志 50 元 / 件 / 人
专业组品牌形象 120 元 / 件,学生组品牌形象 80 元 / 件
cgda 会员参加本届赛事评审费减半。

Evaluation fee for professional  group: RMB 80/each; evaluation fee student group: RMB  50/each/person.
Evaluation fee for brand image of  professional group: RMB 120/each; valuation fee student group: RMB  80/each.
The  evaluation fee of the members of cgda will be halved.

付款方式 |Payment methods



收款账号:6225 8878 4913  6151


Please select one of the  following payment modes:

alipay  account: cgdahk@163.com

Account Name: Xu Jin  Yan
Bank Name:  China Merchants Bank, Golden Central Sub-branch of Shenzhen
Account Number: 6225 8878 4913  6151

Please  specify author’s name, photograph payment voucher (or screenshot) and send them  to the designated E-mail together with the work.

问题咨询 |Consulting with


表格下载 |Form Download


版权说明 :


Copy  right:
Participants’  Entries must be produced by themselves (groups). Should any disputes of  intellectual property and copy right occur; the organizing committee will  disqualify participant’s qualification. The organization committee is not  responsible for any problems caused by above issue. Participants must bear all  the consequences occur. The organizing party is entitled for the rights of  entries’ exhibition, publishing (including electronic publishing) and  collection.




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