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独家专访梦工场御用艺术大师 Schim Schimmel

贡献者: yuki 来源:Arting365.com 时间:4年前 热度:



Arting365:Hi Schim功夫熊猫》中,憨态可掬的阿宝,让世界观众心仪不已。作为熊猫的故乡,中国观众也对这部动画片好感倍增。可以问一下,在众多梦工场动画人物中,为什么会选择以功夫熊猫为画作题材?



I was asked to create a special piece for the Kung Fu Panda celebration event at Olympian City. In this painting, “Po” represents the warm-hearted strength and character of Hong Kong’s people. The character, “Po”, in Kung Fu Panda is a wonderful character to paint because he is so emotionally expressive. Po’s personality is warm and accessible, and most of us are immediately drawn to him. At times awkward and inadequate, at other times agile and confident, Po’s well-rounded character is something all of us can relate to. And he’s simply a lot of fun to paint! 






Schim:灵感来源于梦工场电影角色的本身。CG 动画已经发展到一个新高度,它的细节表现使得人物性格在电影中拥有更多的可塑性。当我第一次看到梦工厂的创作时,就对其中的人物角色充满强烈的激情和信心,从而使我有能力将他们画的更富有情感表现力。我对《驯龙高手》这部电影一见钟情,特别是 Hiccup 和 Toothless 相互扶持的情感,于是在创作上,我着重画出他们彼此间的爱与依赖。在第二部的电影中,我更是以“冰与火”为基础来创作。

The inspiration for the DreamWorks characters I paint come from the movies themselves. CG animation has evolved to an amazing level of detail and depth, and so has the writing and character development in these movies. Once I see a DreamWorks production, I then have enough insight and empathy with its characters to be able to paint them with feeling and emotion. When I first saw “How to Train Your Dragon,” I really loved the movie and the relationship between Hiccup and Toothless. I knew I wanted to paint them together showing their love and dependence on one another, and I came up with the image for “Fire and Ice” based on the story line from the second movie.





After studying art with my father, a nationally known watercolorist and art instructor, I went on to teach others the craft of painting for ten years. You learn so much when you teach others, and this was a very rewarding experience for me. After ten years, however, I really wanted to just paint full time so I quit teaching.





Schim:作为一名艺术家,对艺术的追求是没有止境,这大概就是最充满乐趣,也是饱受挫折的一点。你总是试图不断提高自己的能力,成为更好的艺术家。在画画时,每一幅都是我认为最完美的作品,但是当我开始下一幅的创作时,总会希望再完美一些。就像我在创作“HongKong Warrior”时,十分紧张但是兴奋,因为我从未画过城市天际线。如果我这幅画创作失败,对于我的名声也会造成影响。在诸多压力之下,所幸完成了这个创作。如果第二次再让我创作类似的城市天际线,紧张和挑战肯定是有的,但是应该不会那么强烈了。所以我觉得一个艺术家最大挑战和回报就是在艺术造诣上竭尽全力的发挥到自己的极致。
One of the greatest joys (and frustrations) in being an artist is that you never reach a final destination of growth where there is nothing more to learn. You are always trying to stretch and grow, and become a better artist. Every painting I do is the best painting I can do at the time, but I always begin the next painting with the desire to paint better than before. When I painted “Hong Kong Warrior,” I had never painted a city skyline before. I was nervous yet excited at the prospect. It was entirely possible that this painting might not have turned out well and I would have to scrap it, but fortunately I succeeded in overcoming the challenges of this painting, and I was pleased with the end result. Now I will not be so nervous the next time I want to paint a city skyline!  An artist’s greatest challenge and greatest reward is always found in stretching his artistic abilities to the limit.





I knew since I was a teenager that I would spend my life being an artist. I knew it was a risk, that it would be difficult to make a living as an artist, but I really had no choice. I have always had a need (not just a desire) to express myself creatively. I knew I could only be happy by spending my life creating works of art for others to enjoy. 




I enjoy painting many different kinds of animals from all over the world. I look forward to painting more Chinese/eastern animals in the future. People comment that I tend to paint mostly the wild cats: snow leopards, lions, tigers, and such. Cats have large, expressive eyes, and I can convey a lot of emotion through their eyes. Elephants are magnificent animals, and I have painted many elephants, but their eyes are small and dark, and do not convey emotion in the same way a wild cat does. My paintings are always about making the viewer feel an emotional connection and love for the animals I paint, as well as the earth itself. If I can make the viewer feel a little more compassion and love for this planet and its animals, then I have succeeded in conveying my artistic message.





 Schim:现在我在中国香港、内地都拥有一些活动安排。从 1991 年开始,每年在日本都会举办我的展览。同时,我对于开拓香港和内地的艺术市场也感到很大的兴趣。我最大的愿望就是在世界范围分享我的创作,表达传递爱。其次,我想有尽可能多的人来分享我的创作。希望在中国内地和香港可以做到这两个愿望。现在在香港,我正和著名的慈善家、发明家,同时也是艺术家的 Dr. Dominic Man-Kit Lam 合作,我们的书“蝴蝶的宝藏”,会在今年年底和香港与内地的朋友们见面。
A lot seems to be happening for me in Hong Kong right now, and China, too. I have had yearly exhibitions in Japan for over twenty years beginning in 1991. I am very excited at the prospect of opening up the Hong Kong and China art market for my work. My greatest desire in the world is to creatively express myself through my artwork; my second greatest desire is to share that artwork with as many people as possible. I’m very much hoping to do this now in Hong Kong and China. I am currently collaborating on an art book with Dr. Dominic Man-Kit Lam here in Hong Kong (a very well-known artist, inventor and philanthropist), and am looking forward to releasing my children’s book, “The Butterfly’s Treasure,” in Hong Kong and China as well later this year.




Schim:我和 Dr.Lam 在准备明年 10 月上海喜马拉雅美术馆的活动,希望在不久的将来,可以在北京也做一些活动。在这中间,我还是会不定期在香港举办展览,在这里我结识了许多朋友,非常喜欢这个城市。
I am working with Dr. Lam on procuring a museum show next October at the Himalayas Museum in Shanghai, and hope to do the same in Beijing in the near future. In the meantime, I hope to be returning to Hong Kong often, as I have made many friends here now, and love the city.





2015131 日至 35


奧海城 2 期地下主题中庭


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 Schim 绘画作品赏析















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